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"Saturday night February 2nd was unforgettable. A few months ago I was nominated for Charity for Charity. At first when I heard I was nominated I didn’t think I’d be chosen and continued to carry on trying not to get my hopes up, due to how many people applied. However, one day I was at school and when I had just gotten out of class, Charity had called me and told me I was chosen. I spent the next five hours contemplating what I truly wanted, since they asked me for a few wish ideas. 1. Charger game where I got to meet the players. 2. Disney where I got to go with my friends. And 3. A bird I’ve wanted for a few years. Now I figured I’d be lucky if I even got one...well I was wrong. I was extremely blessed to find out I would be receiving all of these plus a few extra things. Words cannot describe how thankful and blessed I feel. Thank you Shannon and thank you Charity and Allison. You guys told me at the very beginning I was going to be a part of the family, and at the gala I’ve never had someone be so right. Everyone was so incredibly sweet and welcoming to me along with Jennifer and Jacob who were the other two beneficiaries. You’ve given me multiple things to look forward to when I know this year, specifically summer, will be rough. Thank you thank you ❤️❤️"

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"I can’t believe Stars of the Valley has already come and gone. I had the pleasure of meeting ALEX RUIZ, who’s a high school superstar athlete. He’s about to undergo an amputation from an injury during football this year. Marcus N Sarah Rudder And I were able to share our personal experiences with him and his family! This is my third year attending Stars, and each year has been so different! As I sat there and took in the evening, I thought to myself, “I could never miss a year of this!” Even the “inspirational” need to be inspired every once in awhile and that’s exactly what I took away from that evening."

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"Hello all! Just wanted to let ya all know we are back home from our amazing cruise and trip! It is really hard to even put together a text to describe the time that our family had over the last week. The hotel was upgraded for Keston and we got to stay in a suite in coconut grove Miami to start the trip! The Disney cruise, well it truly is magical! It is so much more than we could of ever even imagined! Keston ran in the Disney castaway 5k!!! Yes he pushed it and was a bit sore after but he is so proud of himself!!! We did it as a family! We rode wave runners in grand Cayman, Swam in the beautiful castaway cay, rented bikes on the island, tasted new foods, dressed like pirates, ordered room service, danced with dinner show, made new friends, drank fun drinks, saw amazing shows...i could just keep going! He stayed very healthy for the trip with some congestion/cough before the trip and still present today so we are keeping an eye on that! This trip was just what Keston and the family needed, to fill a lot of his painful and horrific memories with more fun and pleasurable memories! It is incredible what charity for charity has given Keston and our family, not just amazing trips but the confidence, connection, happiness, fight it has given Keston. Thank you for all your support and love which has kept him fighting as well. His next chemo appoint is Jan 25th. I will keep you all posted! Thanks for all the prayers for a safe and wonderful trip!!!"



"We are beyond humbled once again by the outpouring of love from so many for our children and our family, and today especially from AC Pro for providing a day of pure joy for each of our babies. They are Fords biggest support and it was so great for them to be a part of his special gift today. Also and equally as important is Charity for Charity and the amazing work they do to bring happiness to those enduring or having endured incredible medical hardships. Thank you for reaching out to us and choosing to spread love and “Charity” to our family. 💙 There are many special people pictured here that God has placed directly in our journey. Now we’re praying Ford is able to enjoy this day with his siblings and be able to interact with them when we make the trip!"

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